Mad About Organics Stress and Anxiety Relief 4oz

Mad About Organics Stress and Anxiety Relief 4oz

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Mad About Organics' Organic Stress and Anxiety Relief is a calming treatment for pets that get anxious during thunderstorms, fireworks, in large crowds, fear of traveling and when separated from their owners.

Our Stress and Anxiety Relief treatment is a natural blend of flowers and herbs that help calm stress and anxiety quickly.

Key Benefits
  • Safely calms animals during acute episodes of anxiety without diminishing alertness
  • Doesn't make pets lethargic; it simply calms them down so they’re better equipped to handle whatever triggers their anxiety
  • Especially helpful during thunderstorms, fireworks and travel
  • Easy squeeze bottle application

Mad About Organics' Stress and Anxiety Relief is made in the USA - based in Eugene, Oregon and packaged in recyclable materials.

Shake well before use

For best results, we recommend applying directly to the gums.

Apply as often as needed, up to two maximum doses in one hour, but no more than five doses each day.

Dogs Under                       12 lbs.       - 6  to 8 drops per side    
Dogs                                  13-35 lbs  - 8   to 12 drops per side
Dogs or Large Animals     36-60 lbs.  - 10 to 14 drops per side
or Large Animals    61 lbs. plus - 12 to 18 drops per side

Cats Under                        12 lbs.    -  4 to 6 drops per side
Cats Over                          12 lbs.    -  6 to 10 drops per side

Caution: Discontinue use if irritation develops and follow up with your veterinarian or doctor.